Bulk SMS Marketing

Whether your business is established or completely new, you can improve customer satisfaction with the increase in sms sent through our bulk sms portal. With just one click you can send your bulk message to any corner of the world. It is a medium for your business able to reach your customers in the way you want to reach them. Take advantage of our bulk sms services to create new customers.

This process is very easy, upload your contact list and Just click the click button to send your message and make the sure that your messages are reaching out to right people. Compose the perfect SMS, What should an eCommerce company talk about in their offer text – new arrivals, free returns, lower prices or verified products? Conduct easy A/B tests with different messages and decide what works best for your audience. Send, measure, optimize and repeat.

This SMS service can reach far better than traditional marketing communication. The best part of our team at Digital Web Solution is that it can work with your business to find a bulk text messaging solution. Our platinum operator connectivity, intelligent SMS gateway technology and highly redundant infrastructure ensure best-in-class delivery rates and speeds for all your texts. Send timely SMS alerts to your customers (e.g. abandoned cart offers or subscription reminders) and improve conversion rates. Trigger these texts directly from your application/software by integrating with powerful Text local APIs. Trust in a reliable mass texting services that many universal and international companies also rely on us.

You can even merge information of your potential customer with bulk messages. You can send personalize message across to your customers through our SMS software. Make your customer feel special for your business. This has shown better results in comparison of normal message. You can set two way communication for your bulk SMS. Send and receive information via our bulk SMS software. Take advantage of our better wholesale sms and move your business forward,

Thank you can call us at the Mobile Number given below & you can get this service right away.

Mobile No.: +91 7627054447
Website: http://www.digitalwebpromotion.tk/

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